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Come to Christ this Advent

Posted : Nov-25-2016

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Advent marks the beginning of the liturgical year. While it expresses the deep longing of all humanity for God, it celebrates the three-fold coming of the Lord: remembering the events that surrounded the Lord’s coming long ago, celebrating his coming among us today, and looking forward to his final coming in glory.

This Advent, follow along the Come to Christ video series. Prepare your hearts for Christmas through short and engaging, beautiful and inspiring clips,

We spoke with Patrick Sullivan, creator of the series:

Patrick, can you tell us something about yourself, your time living in Toronto, and your ministry?

In my life, Toronto represents an intense period of formation for me, as well as a time of serious introspection. It was, for example, the first time that I felt that I belonged to a parish; a real body of individuals that might notice if I was not at Mass. It was also the time when I was discovering love on the ground and in the heavens, as I would meet and marry the love of my life, Kyla; as well as pursue a degree in Theology.

In retrospect I can see that these (and other events in my life to follow), helped to shape the passion that I have to evangelize, which is essentially at the heart of the ministry I lead. I want very much for people to see what I have experienced first hand in the Church, a second home if you will, a place of truth, goodness and beauty.

What inspired you to create this series and who is it geared to?

You know, our ministry team gets a lot of requests to focus our attention towards this or that need within the Church, but one thing that seems common to them all is the desire to regain a sense of hope. Most people don’t want to fight this theological battle or that one, but they do want to know where God is in it all, and that is something our team thought we could help with.

We are a media-based ministry after all, so the idea of producing something with video in a period of the Church when many are actively seeking inspiration was an obvious fit.

Come to Christ then is for those who want to prepare more actively, reflect more deeply, and above all regain a sense of hope this Advent Season.

Can you tell us more about the videos in particular?

There are 20 videos, each just shy of two minutes in length. The topics cover everything from the Biblical events surrounding the arrival of Jesus to well-known Christmas images such as the creche.

What are you hoping from these videos?

Personally, I would love for these videos to be a conversation piece, a message that changes someone’s day or perhaps helps them to see the Faith more positively. Ultimately though, the series is about coming to Christ, so if it helps just one person to do that then I and my team would be quite pleased.